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Metal Injection Molding Production


As a leading metal injection molding company, Sints owns the most advanced technology in China. Through years of endeavor and development, we have set up a 10,000 sq meters factory in Zhongshan, with annual production capacity of up to 600 tons. In 2007, we have started another company-Shenzhen Sints Precision Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Longhua District, Shenzhen city, which is focusing on product research and marketing. Moreover, in effort to better satisfy customer requirement from auto market, we are building another factory, covering over 30, 000 ㎡, in Jiangxi province, specializes in custom made auto parts, and will be finished in 2015.
injection molding company                                                   injection molding company

Sints is an experienced manufacturer in the development and production of automotive engine system parts, especially those used in VVT and timing chain systems. We have successfully supplied many of the best known automotive engine manufacturers.


injection molding companyAlmost all kinds of metal alloy can be used in Sints. Typical alloys include high strength steels, stainless steels plus Ni and Co super alloys. Other materials processed include refractory metals, titanium and copper alloys. Low melting point alloys like brass, bronze, zinc and aluminum are possible.
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Typical MIM tolerances range from ± 0.3% to 0.5% of the dimension. 

injection molding company

However, tolerances are highly dependent upon product geometry. 
Tolerances beyond what MIM is capable of can be achieved by post
machining operations. Sints will help you with this analysis and can 

provide a full range of in-house machining options to supply a product that meets you requirements. 
Nowadays, the technology is running at a incomparable speed in the world. And Sints would never stop making progress, becoming more satisfied as a Metal Injection Molding Company.

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